21 October 2009

giving this another try!

helloooooooo! i'm back. giving this whole blogging thing another try. lot's has happened since i left you. i've had a birthday (yay, kind of...i don't like getting older but it's wonderful to celebrate and get prezzies!) been to a bachelorette party and wedding for a good friend, gotten a promotion at work, lost a few more lbs, taken a trip to Chicago/South Bend for the USC v. Notre Dame game, and i'm sure lots more. anyway...point is, i'm back.

i just got home from the gym, i can't tell you how much i dreaded going tonight, but as always...i felt amazing once i'd completed my workout. i was away from thursday of last week to monday and hadn't worked out since last wednesday so i definitely needed to go! where was i you ask? i was in Chicago!

every other year when my Trojans play Notre Dame at Notre Dame, I trek out to the midwest to support them. it's an old rivalry and the most amazing game to attend. i love the notre dame fans (well most of them anyway). they're very respectful, everyone is welcoming and surprisingly congratulatory after the game ends. it's a tradition i hope to continue (going to the game that is)!!! i also have family in Chicago so it's nice to see old friends and family while i'm there. and downtown chicago has some pretty awesome shopping which is always nice. i traveled out with my mom and met my roommate/best friend from usc there. all in all it was a wonderful victorious weekend.

tomorrow i am headed up to pasadena to bid farewell to another friend from college. he's moving to colorado this weekend, it's so sad to see friends go off. but such is life, so i will wish him the best of luck :)

for now, i'm off to take a relaxing bubble bath before turning in. i will be back to share with you asap!!! love and light!!!!


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