02 December 2009

hello december!

first of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!!! it's B. Spears' birthday today, yay! i think i'm going to celebrate by listening to Britney all day. which means unless i want to listen to "My Only Wish (This Year)" i won't be listening to Christmas music today. oh well! Happy Birthday Britney!

in other news, i'm back! i got back from London on Thanksgiving...which sadly meant no turkey for me and the fam. my mom made up for it and did Thanksgiving dinner on friday! yay! i was so excited...i came home from a very busy day at the store to a surprise turkey dinner. it was amazing.

i also finally got to see new moon. it came out while i was in England, so i never got to see it. it was awesome. better than the first in my opinion. i do need to see it again though because i was super tired when i saw it friday night, due to jet lag, ew.

i'm just getting back to blog about all of this now because today is my first day off since i returned. i worked 5 days straight after getting back as well as fitting in the phenomenal USC v. UCLA game on saturday night. what a game! worth every penny. but, back to the blog ;)

england was lovely. i got in monday the 16th in the afternoon and then flew from london to manchester that evening. the plane to manch was soooo empty. i was the only one in my row and it was basically like that for every row. everyone had a row to themselves, amazing. i wish every flight was like that!!

i went to machester to visit a friend of mine that goes to school at the university of manchester, it was my second time visiting and it was great. took a few days trips, one to birmingham which was cute. i actually found birmingham to be nice, which is a surprise to many england dwellers. the jonas brothers also happened to be in birmingham that day. i was so shocked when i checked twitter roaming the streets of birmingham to see a tweet from the jonas brothers that says "BIRMINGHAM!!!" what are the odds!?!? the next day we went to liverpool. eh...not my favorite. apparently my friend took me through the dodgy parts first, which clearly is a mistake. what about me makes you think i would enjoy going through dodgy parts of any city? i was baffled. i was approached to work at hollister while in liverpool. apparently i give off that "i'm from a beach town in southern california" vibe even when bundled up in liverpool. haha! i also got to see the cavern club where the beatles got their start. that was very cool. and lastly, probably my favorite part of liverpool...the merseyside maritime museum. i love anything that has to do with nautical life...boats, anchors, sail cloth, submarines, knots, you name it...i was in heaven.

back in manchester, i got a big taste of christmas at the manchester christmas market where i had "glu wein" in a colletors mug. so kitschy! i also saw "a christmas carol" in 3D IMAX! after a few more days in manchester, i was off to london to meet the fam. while they travelled in style flying first class LAX to Heathrow...i traveled in style, taking the train first class from Picadilly Station in Manchester to Euston Station in London! i had tea and shortbread, it was such a picturesque little train ride!

i met the fam at the Hilton Park Lane saturday afternoon which is one of the tallest buildings in LDN with 28 floors. sister and i were on floor 23, we had a gorgeous view of hyde park which was celebrating the season with their very own Christmas Market, which means more glu wein!!! mmmm!

after our first night at the Hilton, we moved to the Sheraton Belgravia. it's supposedly part of the Starwood Luxury Collection...i don't buy it. aside from the fact that it's in a nice part of town, right near sloane street and a short walk from Harrods, i was unimpressed. we had two nights there and due to it's proximity to Harrods, i ate probably 25 macarons in the two days spent there. delish! rose macarons are the way to my heart. i kid you not.

for our last two nights in london, my sister and i moved to The Lanesborough while my parents went to the Intercontinental. they are kitty corner from each other pretty much so we were still very close but at different hotels. The Lanesborough is the nicest St. Regis property i've every stayed at. i've yet to stay at the NY St. Regis though which i hear really is the best, and the first! i loved this hotel so much, the library bar being one of my favorite parts for sure. also, we had our very own computer in our "office"! it was grand! loved it! we of course had a photo shoot at the peter pan statue in kensington gardens, followed by peter pan tea at The Lancaster! all in all it was a fabulous trip! i will put up some pictures later, promise.

that's all for now i guess. this has been a super long post so i won't bore you anymore! be back soon! lots to do today, maybe some christmas shopping :)


tray chic

06 November 2009

kind of forgot again...whoops!

i need to make blogging part of my everyday life again. i'm so busy it seems like i never remember to take a few moments and share with y'all whats going on.

as you know, i'm a big usc supporter. as an alumni i suppose that's expected but i'm a huge football fan and halloween night this year was devastating! i don't know what it is about the state of oregon, but we're on bad terms. and here's why:

oregon, oregon state, portland (the city that stole my best friend)

also, when i visited the state to escort my bf to her new life, i was rudely scoffed at recieving an eyeroll and "ugh california!" sorry that you don't have as many days of sunshine oregon but don't take it out on me.

ooooooh, just a quick tidbit, another reason why the blogging has been hard again is because i was without internet for over a week! so there, i don't feel as bad as i did before. however, expect sporadic posts until december because i leave for england in about a week and i won't really be able to blog much while i'm gone (for 10 days)

all for now lovies!


tray chic

21 October 2009

giving this another try!

helloooooooo! i'm back. giving this whole blogging thing another try. lot's has happened since i left you. i've had a birthday (yay, kind of...i don't like getting older but it's wonderful to celebrate and get prezzies!) been to a bachelorette party and wedding for a good friend, gotten a promotion at work, lost a few more lbs, taken a trip to Chicago/South Bend for the USC v. Notre Dame game, and i'm sure lots more. anyway...point is, i'm back.

i just got home from the gym, i can't tell you how much i dreaded going tonight, but as always...i felt amazing once i'd completed my workout. i was away from thursday of last week to monday and hadn't worked out since last wednesday so i definitely needed to go! where was i you ask? i was in Chicago!

every other year when my Trojans play Notre Dame at Notre Dame, I trek out to the midwest to support them. it's an old rivalry and the most amazing game to attend. i love the notre dame fans (well most of them anyway). they're very respectful, everyone is welcoming and surprisingly congratulatory after the game ends. it's a tradition i hope to continue (going to the game that is)!!! i also have family in Chicago so it's nice to see old friends and family while i'm there. and downtown chicago has some pretty awesome shopping which is always nice. i traveled out with my mom and met my roommate/best friend from usc there. all in all it was a wonderful victorious weekend.

tomorrow i am headed up to pasadena to bid farewell to another friend from college. he's moving to colorado this weekend, it's so sad to see friends go off. but such is life, so i will wish him the best of luck :)

for now, i'm off to take a relaxing bubble bath before turning in. i will be back to share with you asap!!! love and light!!!!


tray chic

28 June 2009

see i told you i'd be back!

hello again!

just wanted to say hello/goodnight! i'm so excited to be back on the blog wagon. i had a lovely evening tonight it consisted of the following:

wonderful friends
the classic game Ker-plunk!
a banzai bowl from wahoo's with blackened fish (my fave)

and now snuggling into bed with my sweet puppy and catching up on all of your recent posts. everyone seems to be having amazing adventures, but i'm not surprised! as usual i'm jealous of hopsy and her recent world travels, india sounds amazing! well goodnight everyone and be sure to leave any suggestions for my new bedroom furniture!!! i need help!!!


tray chic

26 June 2009

back in the swing of things...

sorry again that my blogging had been so sporadic and if you are reading this, thanks for checking in! so...first of washington dc was fabulous! so fabulous in fact that i'm going back for our nation's birthday!!! i'm such a huge fourth of july fan, it's my favorite day of the year! i know that celebrating in dc will be phenomenal. i'll be busy all day, crazy fun festivities including a nationals game, the folk festival on the national mall, the annual celebration at the national archives, and of course fireworks and the parade!

on to other developments. i've been really good about keeping up my gym habits and since i joined in march (i think it was march) i've lost...11 pounds! it's so good to feel healthy and fit. i've been eating better too, not that i really ate poorly before, however, i have been eating more fish and less red meat. i didn't go to the gym today though...real housewives of new jersey was too intense. it involved a long gossip session between some of my friends that i watch it with weekly. i can't wait to find out what danielle was going to do, i hope caroline either comes out with it or someone else does.

finally...i've been pinching pennies lately because i'm saving up some cash for new bedroom furniture. i don't want ikea (no offense, i currently have ikea and it's fine...i just want something more dependable) but don't want to spend more than $2,000 including delivery. it's proved to be a bit of a challenge. apparently i have expensive taste (who didn't know that!) but, i can't spend a fortune if i don't have it :( any tips or suggestions are completely welcome. i know you ladies will have some great ideas!!!

talk soon. i promise!


tray chic

12 June 2009

i'm still alive...

so sorry for taking over a month off. granted i was in dc for two weeks...still, it's been really long. too late for any kind of respectable update so i'm just going to say hello and share a link to one of my favorite blogs to visit. it makes me happy and always make me want something sweet! ;)

utter happiness in a blog!

29 April 2009


things feel wierd right now. can't explain why. i feel like i just realized a lot. not too much self realization but realization of stuff happening with close friends and it's putting me in a sort of melancholy mood. i think my DC vacation is exactly what i need. i just need some time to think about it all, send up some prayers, and keep positive for those around me.

i'll try to blog a little bit from my blackberry while in DC. don't expect any crazy cool visual posts. but, when i get back. i'm sure i'll have loads to share and pictures galore. god bless!


tray chic

21 April 2009

same old, same old...

i don't have much to blog about but it's been a long time and i thought i would stop in and jot some things down.

first of all, i've lost 4 pounds from all this gym-ing! i don't notice the four pounds but i've had a few friends say, you're looking toned or did you loose weight, you look thinner, which is always welcome. i'm not really a pound counter but who doesn't love compliments. maybe in the next two or three weeks, i can say i've lost 8! haha!

i got my white jack rogers. sadly the survey to take and receive a discount was no longer running so i just hopped on over to nordstrom.com and got them there. maybe it's time now for some nordstrom notes to arrive in the mailbox! one can hope.

and now for the sad news. my sunglasses broke. i am devastated! i loved these sunglasses. they really fit my face well. it's so hard to find sunglasses. is anyone with me on that!?! i don't like them to completely cover my eyebrows, and they can't sit on my cheeks too much. i don't really like lenses that others can see my eyes through. am i difficult? so i don't know what i'm going to do. dior doesn't have anything like them right now, which is a travesty!

the countdown to dc had begun! i'll be there on the night of april 30, which kind of messes up my gym routine, but i'll get a lot of walking in there. do they have 24hr. fitness's (sp.) in washington dc??? oh well. life's too short.

speaking of travel. i have my flight to england booked for next november. england in the fall is gorgeous and i can't wait to be there for it again.

lastly, gossip girl starts up again next monday! yay!!!! can't wait.

15 April 2009

jack rogers discount!

does anyone remember about a month or so ago, one of the lovely ladies in the blogging community had a survey up and if you completed the survey you got some kind of coupon code for jack rogers?

i desperately need new white ones and i would love the code...any help is appreciated. and if you are the lovely blogger who had the survey, sorry my memory is so terrible!

have a splendid day!


tray chic

12 April 2009

ralph lauren friends and family...

i did a little bit of damage today! i never woke up this morning and thought i would spend any money, let alone the amount that i did! but, i had a ralph lauren/rugby friends and family discount burning a hole in my pocket and i'm always elated to get packages from RL and rugby! so...here's the rundown...

new adorable flats in two different colors!

onto some stylish rugby finds...

super spring-y yellow cableknit with 3/4 sleeves! the outfit the model is sporting makes me smile, totally jealous!

the cutest cardigan in the world, which i am now in love with!!!!

and a sassy black ruffled shirt that i could totally wear to work!!!

and last but not least, for my sweet, darling, precious puppy's birthday present!

she's going to look fabulous!!!!!

i really wanted the cute multi striped swimsuit from rugby but...i haven't accomplished THAT much at the gym yet so...maybe it'll go on sale in a few months. i'm crossing my fingers! hope y'all had a happy easter!!! talk soon!


tray chic

p.s. send me an email at tracysuzanne@gmail.com if you didn't get a friends and family discount and you would like one. it's 30% and is good until 4/14!

08 April 2009

hello again!

so, as i said in my last post, i've been super busy lately. still getting to the gym everyday which is awesome. i feel so good! i love that feeling after you work out, makes me sleep so much better! and it totally helps that there is a super hot guy who is literally always at the gym when i am! he's inspirational...uh can not even describe! anyway...

i have a few purchases to share, yay!

my new tortoise michael kors watch! i've been coveting this beauty since christmas! finally made it mine and i love it!

i got my hat for the horse race i'm going to while i'm in dc/virginia! so pretty and it'll go with any dress i choose! the one pictured is light pink, but mine is white!

and today, i was at a class/training for phyto products and had my scalp/hair video microscoped! weird, let me tell you. at first she told me my hair looked perfect. i was excited, a hair educator told me my hair was perfect, awesome! then she microscoped my scalp and said it was a little dry, and that my hair could be shinier, no biggie. but then...she got really concerned and told me that my hair was growing in anemic! and that there were no treess in my forest! like my hair was THINNING! what!?! i've always had pretty thick hair and i will admit that in the last few (read 10-15) years my ponytail has gotten a little smaller, but then she recommended the thinning hair treatments! so now i'm paranoid and scared i'm going bald. not really, but paranoid for sure! i've got some products that hopefully will help me out a little. i'll keep y'all posted! keep in mind, i don't have thin hair, i still have a lot and i'm just sort of elevating the situation because i have a flair for the dramatics. i'm a leo afterall, which sould also imply that i care deeply about my mane ;)

doutzen kroes. she jumpropes like crazy and is known in the modeling world for her "big thighs" PUH-LEASE!!!

miranda kerr, currently dating orlando bloom. she's an aussie with fabulous hair!!!

one more thing..are any of y'all familiar with doutzen kroes? i just finished reading vougue and her fitness regime is intense. i'm thinking of buying a jumprope and jumping for 30 minutes too! she seems really down to earth and athletic which is something you don't see in supermodels any more. she doesn't beat out miranda kerr but she's going to be up there! enough about models!

have a lovely day darlings!


tray chic

03 April 2009

i should've been given the slacker blogger award!

so...i know it's been a while since i've posted. my days off lately haven't been days off. i plan and cram way too many things into the 2 days i have off. and, i've been going to the gym like everyday and that's really time consuming, haha! i promise an update very soon. have some fun things to share!

have a wonderful day wherever you are!


tray chic

26 March 2009

i'm a kreativ blogger!

thanks to Texan Couture i've been tagged as a kreativ blogger! thank you!!!!

along with being tagged i'm supposed to share 7 things that i love!

1. jesus! simple as that. i love jesus and he loves me...and you too!

2. america. no matter the state of our country, opinions of others, presidents, pessimists, famine or flood...i love america. i'm one of the most patriotic people you will ever know. i'm so incredibly grateful to be from this country. i love other countries and consider myself very knowledgeable about the rest of the world, but nothing makes me prouder than america!

3. beds. but not just any bed. beds that should be slept on by the princess (from the princess and the pea) feather beds, high thread count sheets, duvets, millions of pillows. my bed is amazing and i love it!

4. my sweet puppy. she will be 3 on may 1 (i'm so sadly missing her bday to be in washington dc with my bff) but she'll always be my puppy. she snores, she snorts, she sometimes chooses to cuddle with my mama, daddy, or sister before snuggling with me, but i love love love her!

5. usc. the university of southern california!!!! my alma mater and the best university ever (imho) fight on trojans! i love usc!

6. family and friends. i feel like this is kind of obvious but nonetheless it looked odd to not include it! my family is awesome. my mama is the sweetest woman in the world. she's nice to everyone and always has wonderful advice and inspiring words. my daddy is hard as nails and i wouldn't have it any other way. a total guys guy (expect for his impeccable fashion sense and love for italian loafers) who would've had so much fun with sons, got two lovely daughters! and my older sister who may as well be my twin (not by looks but twin tuition) she's hilarious and always down to partake in some crazy adventure. my friends are just a fun and even more crazy!

7. ralph lauren. a list of loves isn't complete with out ralph! i could spend an entire day perusing the website or reading about him. i just love him, love his style, love love love! mr. lauren, if you are reading this (doubtful...i know) hire me!!! :)

some of those got a little longer than planned but...c'est la vie!

now i tag 7 other lovely bloggers!

The Pink Washingtoniette
Downtown Southern
The Monogrammed Nest
Pretty in Pink Megan

there ya go. some of you ladies have probably already been tagged, but you're just that kreativ! i'm curious of anyone knows why it's 7 things and 7 bloggers. i love so much more than those 7 things. i'm saddened that i couldn't include gossip girl, lilly, disneyland, shopping, the beach, texas, sailing, etc! i could go on forever!

i went to the gym today and stair stepped way too long! legs are killing me. need sleep now!


tray chic

23 March 2009

i'm alive...

haha, when i first typed the title to this post it said "i'm alice..." i thought about leaving it but then realized that it would be kind of confusing. anyway...

sorry i've been so MIA...we are having some work done at our house and things have been really chaotic. i have a lot to share though. i've been given my first award and i cannot wait to share it with y'all. but it will have to wait because i'm exhausted.

i also have shopping updates:

j. crew and juicy at T.J. Maxx
Lilly Pulitzer Colebrook Caftan came! (adorable)

more on that next time! my little pup is snoring, time for bed! goodnight and i'll talk to you lovelies soon!


sweet dreams!

tray chic

17 March 2009


just for fun, i wikipedia-ed st. patrick and st. patrick's day and am proud to say, i learned a little bit! the most interesting thing i learned was that st. patrick used to use the 3 leaf clover as a way to explain the holy trinity! how cool is that?!?

well, tomorrow or today rather, i will be wearing a beautiful key lime pie colored cardigan! i will not be pinched! i have the day off as well as wednesday off so i plan on having a jolly good time!

it's been a couple days since i've updated so here's the 411:

saturday i worked, but after i got to hang out with some girlfriends from my sorority in college! they came down to visit me and we went out in newport and then down to laguna before heading home.

sunday morning i went to brunch with my friends, then i hit up the mall for a little shopping. i had gotten the 30% off friends and family pass for GAP, Banana Republic, and Old Navy so I hit up those places. Got quite a bit at GAP. A pink and green sports bras at Old Navy and i really really really wanted a pair of shoes from Banana but they didn't have my size! boo! after the mall, i went to my church's 4th service. this past sunday was the inaugural service. it's something new we're trying out and i really had a good time! worship was awesome and i think i may make the 4th service (at 7:30pm) my new sunday service!

so that was my weekend!

hope that you all have a fabulous st. paddy's day!


tray chic

14 March 2009

caftan happy!

i bought it this morning! and the lovely people at Under the Palm Tree already shipped it out UPS! i received two e-mails from them, both very personal, wishing me a wonderful weekend...and another, hoping i enjoy wearing the colebrook caftan. so cute, a very nice touch!

thanks for all of your wonderful encouragement ladies! have a super saturday!


tray chic

13 March 2009


...so the colebrook caftan sold out on lillypulitzer.com right after it was featured on martha! oh the humanity! technically it didn't sell out but there were only smalls left the last time i checked and that won't do!

i know it's available on bloomies website and it's taking every bit of restraint i have not to shell out the $268 bucks for it! it's just such a fabulous print and i love it! the sequin detailing is divine! i saw it in person at the lilly store in san diego on wednesday (they didn't have my size either!) and it was beautiful! although i didn't pick up the caftan, i came away very happy!

i added wink to my fragrance collection! i already have sunny, but when i got it, i also sprayed wink on me. for the rest of the day, i found wink stealing my attention. i had to have it. it's so good! very feminine and floral but there's something else there that really makes it pop!

i also got the playing card duo which i picked up on a total whim. so cute, it comes with a little pad of paper that says "score pad" so clever! i love playing cards and got the juicy playing cards for christmas, but they didn't come with a handy little pad of paper!

and lastly...i'm a big fan of monopoly and i've been wanting the lilly edition for quite some time, so i splurged on a $50 dollar board game for myself! hahaah!

and while we're on a completely lilly based post...i have to say, the martha show was sooooooo fabulous on wednesday! how many of you enjoyed hearing HOPSY as much as i did? she was such a sweetheart and so polite! we're all blessed to know such a great young lady, even through the ol' interweb!

so, what do you think...colebrook caftan, must have or not?

anxious to hear your thoughts!


tray chic

10 March 2009

i want it...i need it...have to have it!

i have absolutely no idea when i would wear this full length colebrook caftan from lilly, but i really really want it! the ring my bell pattern is my new fave!


tray chic

09 March 2009

queen bee!

so...Queen Bee Swain is hosting giveaway! She is giving away a Junior Leauge cookbook! so cute...go here and enter!

i also saw this on her blog! it's a cute quiz, aside from the fact that it says "samosas" which are completely different than samoas! samoas are my favorite, although now they are called caramel de-lites, lame! i loved selling girl scout cookies!

You Are Caramel deLites / Samoas

You are blessed with a brilliant, dynamic mind. It's sometimes hard to figure out what your focus should be.

You're the type of person who does almost everything well. You are very competent but also unfocused.

You're not an easy person to pin down. You are vibrantly complex.

You have many facets to your personality, and they're often in competition with one another.

side note: i fixed it so it says somoas now! yay! if you're confused...sorry!

love and light...goodnight!

tray chic

crazy days...

so it's been a crazy couple of days. work, work, and more work! today was my day off. with the time change, i woke up an hour later than anticipated and missed church :( that was a bummer!

i did have some work related errands to run this afternoon which led me to the irvine spectrum (outdoor shopping mall) where i unloaded some cash on the following items:

a cute bright yellow ruffle tank top for $20.00 from F21! as well as two v-neck in bright almost day glo orange and purple and some really cute black booties for $30.00!!!!

my favorite jeans from old navy. aside from the fact that they stretch out quickly...they're the best! and right now during the old navy FUNdamentals sale, they're $19!!!! whoa!

saved the best for last! these adorable pj pants have anchors and hearts embroidered on them! my new favorites! i'm wearing them now :)

aside from work and my shopping trip today, not much is going on. i did get caught up on some serious gossip drama! i have no words! ahhhhhh...deep breath!

all for now! god bless!


tray chic

04 March 2009

i'll be there for you...

i love F-R-I-E-N-D-S a lot! it's one of my all time favorites! i don't watch too much tv anymore, maybe it's because 99% of it is reality. i miss sitcoms! there's nothing even close to F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!! and lucky me (and you too if you're a fan) all seasons are on sale for $16.99 right now at Target!!!!

and on that note (or not) it's been rainy here in southern california, not cool! hopefully wherever you are it's not raining. i usually like rain but not right now, i can't explain it. it was kind of like soft rain, very light drops, but a lot of them! i can't believe i'm trying to explain this...haha!

one more thing. i was watching the most recent episode of the city and loved the cover picture of jessica alba in elle magazine. i went out to get elle and it wasn't the same cover...AND that picture wasn't even part of the editorial! it was such a great photo with the look WHITNEY picked out. a beautiful dvf floral jacket. cute cute cute!

this is the cover i wanted! i love love love this look! she's so whimsical looking with a little bit of 60's flare to it, so fresh, so spring!

this is what i got. it's alright, i just love the other one.

all for now darlings! hope you are having a fabulous day, wherever you are!


tray chic

pink and green with envy...

i'm so incredibly envious of all you ladies getting together at lilly pulitzer next tuesday with Hopsy in NYC! i know you will have a fabulous time and i so wish i could be in attendance. sadly, i don't think that a spur of the moment trip to new york is in my little budget! safe travels to all of you and i'll be there in spirit!

i have a picture of my amazing tj maxx j.crew heels! originally these babies were $235.00 and i got quite a steal, only paying $19.99 for them!!!! yes! this is the same color too, it's not quite this yellow though, i feel like they look a little more green based in person.

speaking of shoes, i've been buying a lot of them lately. i got the new pink patent boat shoes from sperry AND a pair of gold jack rogers to add to my collection.

i just love shoes!

i suppose that's really all the news i have for y'all. i'd talk about the bachelor but i don't want to be mean! melissa totally deserves better! less than 2 weeks until we get a new gossip girl! can't wait!

have a lovely day darlings! and oh...hello! welcome to my amazing new followers!


tray chic

01 March 2009

the happiest place on earth

that's right folks! i'm posting from my blaclberry at disneyland!

so excited to ride midway mania at california adventure. trying to beat my high score from last weekend! wish me luck!!!!

until next time...

M-I-C see ya real soon K-E-Y why because we like you! M-O-U-S-E!


tray chic

i lost one...

so, i haven't blogged in a few days and it seems i've lost a follower! so sad, ah well let's move on :)

i don't have too much to say. had a wonderful rest of the month at work. should see a good paycheck next week. i really don't have any complaining to do. just thankful! i am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends. i'm blessed to have a job and be able to pay my bills. i thank the Lord for all of this and more! i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday! i'm going to share some lyrics of a wonderful song called "completely" by ana laura.

The secret of life is letting go
The secret of love is letting it show
In all that I do
In all that I say
Right here in this moment

The power of prayer is in a humble cry
The power of change is in giving my life
And laying it down
Down at your feet
Right here in this moment

Take my heart
Take my soul
I surrender everything to your control
And let all that is within me lift up to you and say
I am yours and yours alone

This journey of life is a search for truth
This journey of faith is following you
Every step of the way
Through the joy and the pain
Right here in this moment

Right here, right now, and for the rest of my life
Hear me say

I am yours and yours alone

god bless y'all!


tray chic

24 February 2009

another day, another dollar!

a few days ago, i was tagged by Park Avenue Princess in a little game where i get to tell you about my handbag!

Here are the rules:
1. Post a picture of the bag, purse, handbag, pocketbook [whatever you call it] that you are carrying. Now, don't you even think about going back there to your closet and getting your very favorite one or that cute little vintage clutch that you carried the last time you went out...I want to see the purse that you carried today!

2. Tell us how much it cost. Oh my, I know what you are thinking - a proper lady would never discuss matters of money, darling. Well, yes, but today we are gonna break that rule and tell. Yes, tell how much it cost. We won't judge. This is for entertainment purposes only.
And if there is a story that goes along with this purse, tell it.

3. Tag some other girls, and see how they haul around their daily essentials.

this is my elliot lucca bag! i love it. i used to be the girl that always carried a different bag every week/day/hour, but i've been with elliot for quite some time now! it's a great shade of brown, broken in like a saddle, and holds a lot! i've always accessorized my bags with colorful scarves and this scarf is where i go when i don't know which other one to choose. it's the one that's been tied on almost every bag i own! i love it and it's starting to show wear :( i don't recall how much he cost me but i know i purchased him at nordstrom last summer/late spring! he was somewhere around 200-250 i think.

inside elliot is usually a world of chaos! however, my new years resolution this year was to keep my car and work bag/purse more organized and because of this, every weekend, usually saturday night actually, i do some cleaning out. so, here ya go. the contents of elliot!

teen vogue (such a great mag)
my navy patent leather hobo wallet
dior sunglasses
cargo lipgloss
hello kitty for mac lip conditioner
make up bag
small j.crew planner
oscar biandi hairspray
gin gins candy
smashbox powder
(usually my blackberry but it was on my bed during the photoshoot)
(usually my camera but it was taking the pictures)

there you have it! i tag...

Pink Martinis and Pearls
Displaced Dixie Prep
Passion for Pink
Lucchese to Louis Vuitton

have fun ladies and feel free to show what's inside too!

i'll talk to y'all tomorrow!


tray chic

23 February 2009


omg, i love tucker blair. like love. so cute! well, Her Southern Charm is hosting a tucker blair headband giveaway! awesome!

here's the deal. just click the button below, comment on the post, become a follower, and link back to her giveaway! best of luck ladies!


i hope i win!


tray chic

looong weekend!

it's been a couple days, sorry! anyway, i had a hectic weekend to say the least. first thing saturday morning, i attended the funeral of a middle school/high school friend who i knew through theatre. she passed away about two weeks ago now from spinal menigitis. she was diagnosed with lukemia in 2005 and went through chemo and beat it 3 times. however, this last time, after a bone marrow transplant, she contracted spinal menigitis and is now with our Heavenly Father! it was an absolutely beautiful service. she had a lovely voice and had recorded an original song that she wrote during one of her many stays at the hospital. that song played at the service and it was such a personal touch. she really was an amazing young lady. instead of being upset because she had gone through chemo three times, and asking God why or blaming him...she became more on fire for the Lord and encouraged those around her constantly! she was a wonderful example of a woman of God!

after the service, i had to go straight to work. blah! haha, it was a long saturday at work but i was going out for a friend's birthday after so i had something to look forward to. we went out in laguna beach for some drinks and had a great time. my friend was turning 22 and she was hilarious. she kept introducing me and my other friends to her boyfriend, everytime she introduced one of us, we were her BEST FRIEND! she said (probably 8-10 times) "this is tray chic, she's like my BEST FRIEND! she's so stylish and she's my BEST FRIEND!" it was really cute! haha!

sunday morning, i had every intention of going to church but never got there! what is it about sunday mornings? however, i got to spend some quality time sunday afternoon and evening with a lot of my friends from USC. we had some great fellowship at dinseyland and just hanging out at a friend's house before disneyland. it should be known that i frequent the happiest place on earth! seriously, i have an annual passport (the premium one) which means i can go 365 days a year! yay!

and now today! i have the day off, due to a haircare class i have to attend this evening. i was planning on heading down to san diego this morning to go to the lilly pulitzer store and also to a hat shop to pick out my topper for the virginia gold cup! woke up too late so that will have to wait for wednesday or maybe friday! who knows! so i'm basically just sittin' in bed and chattin' to y'all! i love it. maybe later today i will post some pictures of:

1. the adorable j. crew heels i got for $20 at TJ Maxx!

2. my current handbag because i've been tagged by Park Avenue Princess who is so adorable and i absolutely love reading her blog, and her charlotte obession is very reminiscent of mine! who doesn't love charlotte, right!?!

3. some of my favorite oscar looks!

but before that, since it's monday and i'm gg deprived. here are some of my favorite blair looks...even though i pretty much love everything she wears!

i love this! blair looks flawless!

these red tights are so sassy! i love blair in red!

adorable cardigan! so pretty!

super cute, i don't think this has aired yet.

i wanted this soooooo bad!

also really wanted this! soooo classic!

surprise, surprise...i wanted this blazer too!

even her lounge wear is amazing.

eleanor and blair. like mother like daughter!

so, until then darlings...ciao and have a fabulous day!


tray chic

19 February 2009

bahama mama!!!!

omg!!! ~*The Tale of a Southern Belle*~ is doing the most fabulous giveaway! a trip for 2 to the bahamas! this is so amazing, what a sweetheart!

all you need to do is visit her wonderful blog and comment! become a follower for a 2nd entry, and post about it on your blog for a 3rd!

i'm so excited. go...now!


...and in typical tray chic style, i have more purchases to share with you, but we'll save that for later. goodnight!

18 February 2009

lazy shopaholic!

so before my mani-pedi, i've been bad! i on-lined shopped at rugby.com! i absolutely love rugby by ralph lauren. there are no stores near me, so this fall when they introduced online shopping for rugby, i was ecstatic! although, i did enjoy the design of the website pre-online shopping, but it's totally worth it.

i thought i would share my purchases! keep in mind, 2 of the items were on crazy sale, plus since i spent over 125, i used a promo code for 25$ off. and...i had a gift card left from my stocking at christmas. so here we go!

my new cable crewneck in "holiday pink"

the us world cup rugby!

my TOMS for rugby shoes in pink! for every pair sold by rugby, a pair is donated to a child in a developing country!

and with that...i've really gotta jet!


tres tray chic