06 November 2009

kind of forgot again...whoops!

i need to make blogging part of my everyday life again. i'm so busy it seems like i never remember to take a few moments and share with y'all whats going on.

as you know, i'm a big usc supporter. as an alumni i suppose that's expected but i'm a huge football fan and halloween night this year was devastating! i don't know what it is about the state of oregon, but we're on bad terms. and here's why:

oregon, oregon state, portland (the city that stole my best friend)

also, when i visited the state to escort my bf to her new life, i was rudely scoffed at recieving an eyeroll and "ugh california!" sorry that you don't have as many days of sunshine oregon but don't take it out on me.

ooooooh, just a quick tidbit, another reason why the blogging has been hard again is because i was without internet for over a week! so there, i don't feel as bad as i did before. however, expect sporadic posts until december because i leave for england in about a week and i won't really be able to blog much while i'm gone (for 10 days)

all for now lovies!


tray chic

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