13 April 2010

bad news

i don't know that this will be read by anyone but i had to go somewhere, write this down. my sweet baby cavalier king charles spaniel who is only 3 is suffering from some health problems. she's experiencing a lot of pain on her front feet. the vet said it could be a number of things but he's leaning heavily toward an awful condition called syringomyelia. it affects a few other breeds but it's seen most often in cavaliers. she's been limping a little and cries out when i pick her up sometimes. she'll even cry out when no one is touching her. it's so heartbreaking! i feel like my child is hurt and there isn't anything i can do. she's always been a little sensitive...yelping if i picked her up wrong or if someone got close to stepping on her or something. it's different now, she seems weaker somehow, more susceptible to the pain. as of right now, she's on pain medication and another kind of medication to help the fluid from her brain flow normally (which is one of the causes of syringomyelia). i've shed so many tears today. tried to convince myself it's something else, and then i've further worried myself...we had a dog when i was in high school who we lost to bone cancer. she had a lot of front leg pain that turned into a limp, once we had her x-rayed we found out it was bone cancer and waaaay too late to do anything about it. we had to put her down a few days later. so, now i can't stop thinking that maybe she's suffering from the same thing. the pain meds she on make her seem so lazy and depressed. i'm just so upset right now and i wanted to let it out. i'm trying to be positive and find a silver lining but it's hard. she's my life. she's my baby! my eyes are focused on god as of now. and encouraging words are greatly appreciated!

thanks for letting me go.

tray chic

02 December 2009

hello december!

first of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!!! it's B. Spears' birthday today, yay! i think i'm going to celebrate by listening to Britney all day. which means unless i want to listen to "My Only Wish (This Year)" i won't be listening to Christmas music today. oh well! Happy Birthday Britney!

in other news, i'm back! i got back from London on Thanksgiving...which sadly meant no turkey for me and the fam. my mom made up for it and did Thanksgiving dinner on friday! yay! i was so excited...i came home from a very busy day at the store to a surprise turkey dinner. it was amazing.

i also finally got to see new moon. it came out while i was in England, so i never got to see it. it was awesome. better than the first in my opinion. i do need to see it again though because i was super tired when i saw it friday night, due to jet lag, ew.

i'm just getting back to blog about all of this now because today is my first day off since i returned. i worked 5 days straight after getting back as well as fitting in the phenomenal USC v. UCLA game on saturday night. what a game! worth every penny. but, back to the blog ;)

england was lovely. i got in monday the 16th in the afternoon and then flew from london to manchester that evening. the plane to manch was soooo empty. i was the only one in my row and it was basically like that for every row. everyone had a row to themselves, amazing. i wish every flight was like that!!

i went to machester to visit a friend of mine that goes to school at the university of manchester, it was my second time visiting and it was great. took a few days trips, one to birmingham which was cute. i actually found birmingham to be nice, which is a surprise to many england dwellers. the jonas brothers also happened to be in birmingham that day. i was so shocked when i checked twitter roaming the streets of birmingham to see a tweet from the jonas brothers that says "BIRMINGHAM!!!" what are the odds!?!? the next day we went to liverpool. eh...not my favorite. apparently my friend took me through the dodgy parts first, which clearly is a mistake. what about me makes you think i would enjoy going through dodgy parts of any city? i was baffled. i was approached to work at hollister while in liverpool. apparently i give off that "i'm from a beach town in southern california" vibe even when bundled up in liverpool. haha! i also got to see the cavern club where the beatles got their start. that was very cool. and lastly, probably my favorite part of liverpool...the merseyside maritime museum. i love anything that has to do with nautical life...boats, anchors, sail cloth, submarines, knots, you name it...i was in heaven.

back in manchester, i got a big taste of christmas at the manchester christmas market where i had "glu wein" in a colletors mug. so kitschy! i also saw "a christmas carol" in 3D IMAX! after a few more days in manchester, i was off to london to meet the fam. while they travelled in style flying first class LAX to Heathrow...i traveled in style, taking the train first class from Picadilly Station in Manchester to Euston Station in London! i had tea and shortbread, it was such a picturesque little train ride!

i met the fam at the Hilton Park Lane saturday afternoon which is one of the tallest buildings in LDN with 28 floors. sister and i were on floor 23, we had a gorgeous view of hyde park which was celebrating the season with their very own Christmas Market, which means more glu wein!!! mmmm!

after our first night at the Hilton, we moved to the Sheraton Belgravia. it's supposedly part of the Starwood Luxury Collection...i don't buy it. aside from the fact that it's in a nice part of town, right near sloane street and a short walk from Harrods, i was unimpressed. we had two nights there and due to it's proximity to Harrods, i ate probably 25 macarons in the two days spent there. delish! rose macarons are the way to my heart. i kid you not.

for our last two nights in london, my sister and i moved to The Lanesborough while my parents went to the Intercontinental. they are kitty corner from each other pretty much so we were still very close but at different hotels. The Lanesborough is the nicest St. Regis property i've every stayed at. i've yet to stay at the NY St. Regis though which i hear really is the best, and the first! i loved this hotel so much, the library bar being one of my favorite parts for sure. also, we had our very own computer in our "office"! it was grand! loved it! we of course had a photo shoot at the peter pan statue in kensington gardens, followed by peter pan tea at The Lancaster! all in all it was a fabulous trip! i will put up some pictures later, promise.

that's all for now i guess. this has been a super long post so i won't bore you anymore! be back soon! lots to do today, maybe some christmas shopping :)


tray chic

06 November 2009

kind of forgot again...whoops!

i need to make blogging part of my everyday life again. i'm so busy it seems like i never remember to take a few moments and share with y'all whats going on.

as you know, i'm a big usc supporter. as an alumni i suppose that's expected but i'm a huge football fan and halloween night this year was devastating! i don't know what it is about the state of oregon, but we're on bad terms. and here's why:

oregon, oregon state, portland (the city that stole my best friend)

also, when i visited the state to escort my bf to her new life, i was rudely scoffed at recieving an eyeroll and "ugh california!" sorry that you don't have as many days of sunshine oregon but don't take it out on me.

ooooooh, just a quick tidbit, another reason why the blogging has been hard again is because i was without internet for over a week! so there, i don't feel as bad as i did before. however, expect sporadic posts until december because i leave for england in about a week and i won't really be able to blog much while i'm gone (for 10 days)

all for now lovies!


tray chic

21 October 2009

giving this another try!

helloooooooo! i'm back. giving this whole blogging thing another try. lot's has happened since i left you. i've had a birthday (yay, kind of...i don't like getting older but it's wonderful to celebrate and get prezzies!) been to a bachelorette party and wedding for a good friend, gotten a promotion at work, lost a few more lbs, taken a trip to Chicago/South Bend for the USC v. Notre Dame game, and i'm sure lots more. anyway...point is, i'm back.

i just got home from the gym, i can't tell you how much i dreaded going tonight, but as always...i felt amazing once i'd completed my workout. i was away from thursday of last week to monday and hadn't worked out since last wednesday so i definitely needed to go! where was i you ask? i was in Chicago!

every other year when my Trojans play Notre Dame at Notre Dame, I trek out to the midwest to support them. it's an old rivalry and the most amazing game to attend. i love the notre dame fans (well most of them anyway). they're very respectful, everyone is welcoming and surprisingly congratulatory after the game ends. it's a tradition i hope to continue (going to the game that is)!!! i also have family in Chicago so it's nice to see old friends and family while i'm there. and downtown chicago has some pretty awesome shopping which is always nice. i traveled out with my mom and met my roommate/best friend from usc there. all in all it was a wonderful victorious weekend.

tomorrow i am headed up to pasadena to bid farewell to another friend from college. he's moving to colorado this weekend, it's so sad to see friends go off. but such is life, so i will wish him the best of luck :)

for now, i'm off to take a relaxing bubble bath before turning in. i will be back to share with you asap!!! love and light!!!!


tray chic

28 June 2009

see i told you i'd be back!

hello again!

just wanted to say hello/goodnight! i'm so excited to be back on the blog wagon. i had a lovely evening tonight it consisted of the following:

wonderful friends
the classic game Ker-plunk!
a banzai bowl from wahoo's with blackened fish (my fave)

and now snuggling into bed with my sweet puppy and catching up on all of your recent posts. everyone seems to be having amazing adventures, but i'm not surprised! as usual i'm jealous of hopsy and her recent world travels, india sounds amazing! well goodnight everyone and be sure to leave any suggestions for my new bedroom furniture!!! i need help!!!


tray chic

26 June 2009

back in the swing of things...

sorry again that my blogging had been so sporadic and if you are reading this, thanks for checking in! so...first of washington dc was fabulous! so fabulous in fact that i'm going back for our nation's birthday!!! i'm such a huge fourth of july fan, it's my favorite day of the year! i know that celebrating in dc will be phenomenal. i'll be busy all day, crazy fun festivities including a nationals game, the folk festival on the national mall, the annual celebration at the national archives, and of course fireworks and the parade!

on to other developments. i've been really good about keeping up my gym habits and since i joined in march (i think it was march) i've lost...11 pounds! it's so good to feel healthy and fit. i've been eating better too, not that i really ate poorly before, however, i have been eating more fish and less red meat. i didn't go to the gym today though...real housewives of new jersey was too intense. it involved a long gossip session between some of my friends that i watch it with weekly. i can't wait to find out what danielle was going to do, i hope caroline either comes out with it or someone else does.

finally...i've been pinching pennies lately because i'm saving up some cash for new bedroom furniture. i don't want ikea (no offense, i currently have ikea and it's fine...i just want something more dependable) but don't want to spend more than $2,000 including delivery. it's proved to be a bit of a challenge. apparently i have expensive taste (who didn't know that!) but, i can't spend a fortune if i don't have it :( any tips or suggestions are completely welcome. i know you ladies will have some great ideas!!!

talk soon. i promise!


tray chic

12 June 2009

i'm still alive...

so sorry for taking over a month off. granted i was in dc for two weeks...still, it's been really long. too late for any kind of respectable update so i'm just going to say hello and share a link to one of my favorite blogs to visit. it makes me happy and always make me want something sweet! ;)

utter happiness in a blog!