26 June 2009

back in the swing of things...

sorry again that my blogging had been so sporadic and if you are reading this, thanks for checking in! so...first of washington dc was fabulous! so fabulous in fact that i'm going back for our nation's birthday!!! i'm such a huge fourth of july fan, it's my favorite day of the year! i know that celebrating in dc will be phenomenal. i'll be busy all day, crazy fun festivities including a nationals game, the folk festival on the national mall, the annual celebration at the national archives, and of course fireworks and the parade!

on to other developments. i've been really good about keeping up my gym habits and since i joined in march (i think it was march) i've lost...11 pounds! it's so good to feel healthy and fit. i've been eating better too, not that i really ate poorly before, however, i have been eating more fish and less red meat. i didn't go to the gym today though...real housewives of new jersey was too intense. it involved a long gossip session between some of my friends that i watch it with weekly. i can't wait to find out what danielle was going to do, i hope caroline either comes out with it or someone else does.

finally...i've been pinching pennies lately because i'm saving up some cash for new bedroom furniture. i don't want ikea (no offense, i currently have ikea and it's fine...i just want something more dependable) but don't want to spend more than $2,000 including delivery. it's proved to be a bit of a challenge. apparently i have expensive taste (who didn't know that!) but, i can't spend a fortune if i don't have it :( any tips or suggestions are completely welcome. i know you ladies will have some great ideas!!!

talk soon. i promise!


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