13 April 2010

bad news

i don't know that this will be read by anyone but i had to go somewhere, write this down. my sweet baby cavalier king charles spaniel who is only 3 is suffering from some health problems. she's experiencing a lot of pain on her front feet. the vet said it could be a number of things but he's leaning heavily toward an awful condition called syringomyelia. it affects a few other breeds but it's seen most often in cavaliers. she's been limping a little and cries out when i pick her up sometimes. she'll even cry out when no one is touching her. it's so heartbreaking! i feel like my child is hurt and there isn't anything i can do. she's always been a little sensitive...yelping if i picked her up wrong or if someone got close to stepping on her or something. it's different now, she seems weaker somehow, more susceptible to the pain. as of right now, she's on pain medication and another kind of medication to help the fluid from her brain flow normally (which is one of the causes of syringomyelia). i've shed so many tears today. tried to convince myself it's something else, and then i've further worried myself...we had a dog when i was in high school who we lost to bone cancer. she had a lot of front leg pain that turned into a limp, once we had her x-rayed we found out it was bone cancer and waaaay too late to do anything about it. we had to put her down a few days later. so, now i can't stop thinking that maybe she's suffering from the same thing. the pain meds she on make her seem so lazy and depressed. i'm just so upset right now and i wanted to let it out. i'm trying to be positive and find a silver lining but it's hard. she's my life. she's my baby! my eyes are focused on god as of now. and encouraging words are greatly appreciated!

thanks for letting me go.

tray chic

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Anonymous said...

Darling I'm so sorry to hear it... just do whatever the vet says, do whatever you can to help her, and spend lots of time with her! I've owned so many dogs and they really are like your children, so I know how you feel. Trust me, she knows you love her and I'm sure you're a great "Mommy" and you mean the world to her! God be with you in these tough times. xox