29 April 2009


things feel wierd right now. can't explain why. i feel like i just realized a lot. not too much self realization but realization of stuff happening with close friends and it's putting me in a sort of melancholy mood. i think my DC vacation is exactly what i need. i just need some time to think about it all, send up some prayers, and keep positive for those around me.

i'll try to blog a little bit from my blackberry while in DC. don't expect any crazy cool visual posts. but, when i get back. i'm sure i'll have loads to share and pictures galore. god bless!


tray chic

21 April 2009

same old, same old...

i don't have much to blog about but it's been a long time and i thought i would stop in and jot some things down.

first of all, i've lost 4 pounds from all this gym-ing! i don't notice the four pounds but i've had a few friends say, you're looking toned or did you loose weight, you look thinner, which is always welcome. i'm not really a pound counter but who doesn't love compliments. maybe in the next two or three weeks, i can say i've lost 8! haha!

i got my white jack rogers. sadly the survey to take and receive a discount was no longer running so i just hopped on over to nordstrom.com and got them there. maybe it's time now for some nordstrom notes to arrive in the mailbox! one can hope.

and now for the sad news. my sunglasses broke. i am devastated! i loved these sunglasses. they really fit my face well. it's so hard to find sunglasses. is anyone with me on that!?! i don't like them to completely cover my eyebrows, and they can't sit on my cheeks too much. i don't really like lenses that others can see my eyes through. am i difficult? so i don't know what i'm going to do. dior doesn't have anything like them right now, which is a travesty!

the countdown to dc had begun! i'll be there on the night of april 30, which kind of messes up my gym routine, but i'll get a lot of walking in there. do they have 24hr. fitness's (sp.) in washington dc??? oh well. life's too short.

speaking of travel. i have my flight to england booked for next november. england in the fall is gorgeous and i can't wait to be there for it again.

lastly, gossip girl starts up again next monday! yay!!!! can't wait.

15 April 2009

jack rogers discount!

does anyone remember about a month or so ago, one of the lovely ladies in the blogging community had a survey up and if you completed the survey you got some kind of coupon code for jack rogers?

i desperately need new white ones and i would love the code...any help is appreciated. and if you are the lovely blogger who had the survey, sorry my memory is so terrible!

have a splendid day!


tray chic

12 April 2009

ralph lauren friends and family...

i did a little bit of damage today! i never woke up this morning and thought i would spend any money, let alone the amount that i did! but, i had a ralph lauren/rugby friends and family discount burning a hole in my pocket and i'm always elated to get packages from RL and rugby! so...here's the rundown...

new adorable flats in two different colors!

onto some stylish rugby finds...

super spring-y yellow cableknit with 3/4 sleeves! the outfit the model is sporting makes me smile, totally jealous!

the cutest cardigan in the world, which i am now in love with!!!!

and a sassy black ruffled shirt that i could totally wear to work!!!

and last but not least, for my sweet, darling, precious puppy's birthday present!

she's going to look fabulous!!!!!

i really wanted the cute multi striped swimsuit from rugby but...i haven't accomplished THAT much at the gym yet so...maybe it'll go on sale in a few months. i'm crossing my fingers! hope y'all had a happy easter!!! talk soon!


tray chic

p.s. send me an email at tracysuzanne@gmail.com if you didn't get a friends and family discount and you would like one. it's 30% and is good until 4/14!

08 April 2009

hello again!

so, as i said in my last post, i've been super busy lately. still getting to the gym everyday which is awesome. i feel so good! i love that feeling after you work out, makes me sleep so much better! and it totally helps that there is a super hot guy who is literally always at the gym when i am! he's inspirational...uh can not even describe! anyway...

i have a few purchases to share, yay!

my new tortoise michael kors watch! i've been coveting this beauty since christmas! finally made it mine and i love it!

i got my hat for the horse race i'm going to while i'm in dc/virginia! so pretty and it'll go with any dress i choose! the one pictured is light pink, but mine is white!

and today, i was at a class/training for phyto products and had my scalp/hair video microscoped! weird, let me tell you. at first she told me my hair looked perfect. i was excited, a hair educator told me my hair was perfect, awesome! then she microscoped my scalp and said it was a little dry, and that my hair could be shinier, no biggie. but then...she got really concerned and told me that my hair was growing in anemic! and that there were no treess in my forest! like my hair was THINNING! what!?! i've always had pretty thick hair and i will admit that in the last few (read 10-15) years my ponytail has gotten a little smaller, but then she recommended the thinning hair treatments! so now i'm paranoid and scared i'm going bald. not really, but paranoid for sure! i've got some products that hopefully will help me out a little. i'll keep y'all posted! keep in mind, i don't have thin hair, i still have a lot and i'm just sort of elevating the situation because i have a flair for the dramatics. i'm a leo afterall, which sould also imply that i care deeply about my mane ;)

doutzen kroes. she jumpropes like crazy and is known in the modeling world for her "big thighs" PUH-LEASE!!!

miranda kerr, currently dating orlando bloom. she's an aussie with fabulous hair!!!

one more thing..are any of y'all familiar with doutzen kroes? i just finished reading vougue and her fitness regime is intense. i'm thinking of buying a jumprope and jumping for 30 minutes too! she seems really down to earth and athletic which is something you don't see in supermodels any more. she doesn't beat out miranda kerr but she's going to be up there! enough about models!

have a lovely day darlings!


tray chic

03 April 2009

i should've been given the slacker blogger award!

so...i know it's been a while since i've posted. my days off lately haven't been days off. i plan and cram way too many things into the 2 days i have off. and, i've been going to the gym like everyday and that's really time consuming, haha! i promise an update very soon. have some fun things to share!

have a wonderful day wherever you are!


tray chic