26 March 2009

i'm a kreativ blogger!

thanks to Texan Couture i've been tagged as a kreativ blogger! thank you!!!!

along with being tagged i'm supposed to share 7 things that i love!

1. jesus! simple as that. i love jesus and he loves me...and you too!

2. america. no matter the state of our country, opinions of others, presidents, pessimists, famine or flood...i love america. i'm one of the most patriotic people you will ever know. i'm so incredibly grateful to be from this country. i love other countries and consider myself very knowledgeable about the rest of the world, but nothing makes me prouder than america!

3. beds. but not just any bed. beds that should be slept on by the princess (from the princess and the pea) feather beds, high thread count sheets, duvets, millions of pillows. my bed is amazing and i love it!

4. my sweet puppy. she will be 3 on may 1 (i'm so sadly missing her bday to be in washington dc with my bff) but she'll always be my puppy. she snores, she snorts, she sometimes chooses to cuddle with my mama, daddy, or sister before snuggling with me, but i love love love her!

5. usc. the university of southern california!!!! my alma mater and the best university ever (imho) fight on trojans! i love usc!

6. family and friends. i feel like this is kind of obvious but nonetheless it looked odd to not include it! my family is awesome. my mama is the sweetest woman in the world. she's nice to everyone and always has wonderful advice and inspiring words. my daddy is hard as nails and i wouldn't have it any other way. a total guys guy (expect for his impeccable fashion sense and love for italian loafers) who would've had so much fun with sons, got two lovely daughters! and my older sister who may as well be my twin (not by looks but twin tuition) she's hilarious and always down to partake in some crazy adventure. my friends are just a fun and even more crazy!

7. ralph lauren. a list of loves isn't complete with out ralph! i could spend an entire day perusing the website or reading about him. i just love him, love his style, love love love! mr. lauren, if you are reading this (doubtful...i know) hire me!!! :)

some of those got a little longer than planned but...c'est la vie!

now i tag 7 other lovely bloggers!

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there ya go. some of you ladies have probably already been tagged, but you're just that kreativ! i'm curious of anyone knows why it's 7 things and 7 bloggers. i love so much more than those 7 things. i'm saddened that i couldn't include gossip girl, lilly, disneyland, shopping, the beach, texas, sailing, etc! i could go on forever!

i went to the gym today and stair stepped way too long! legs are killing me. need sleep now!


tray chic

23 March 2009

i'm alive...

haha, when i first typed the title to this post it said "i'm alice..." i thought about leaving it but then realized that it would be kind of confusing. anyway...

sorry i've been so MIA...we are having some work done at our house and things have been really chaotic. i have a lot to share though. i've been given my first award and i cannot wait to share it with y'all. but it will have to wait because i'm exhausted.

i also have shopping updates:

j. crew and juicy at T.J. Maxx
Lilly Pulitzer Colebrook Caftan came! (adorable)

more on that next time! my little pup is snoring, time for bed! goodnight and i'll talk to you lovelies soon!


sweet dreams!

tray chic

17 March 2009


just for fun, i wikipedia-ed st. patrick and st. patrick's day and am proud to say, i learned a little bit! the most interesting thing i learned was that st. patrick used to use the 3 leaf clover as a way to explain the holy trinity! how cool is that?!?

well, tomorrow or today rather, i will be wearing a beautiful key lime pie colored cardigan! i will not be pinched! i have the day off as well as wednesday off so i plan on having a jolly good time!

it's been a couple days since i've updated so here's the 411:

saturday i worked, but after i got to hang out with some girlfriends from my sorority in college! they came down to visit me and we went out in newport and then down to laguna before heading home.

sunday morning i went to brunch with my friends, then i hit up the mall for a little shopping. i had gotten the 30% off friends and family pass for GAP, Banana Republic, and Old Navy so I hit up those places. Got quite a bit at GAP. A pink and green sports bras at Old Navy and i really really really wanted a pair of shoes from Banana but they didn't have my size! boo! after the mall, i went to my church's 4th service. this past sunday was the inaugural service. it's something new we're trying out and i really had a good time! worship was awesome and i think i may make the 4th service (at 7:30pm) my new sunday service!

so that was my weekend!

hope that you all have a fabulous st. paddy's day!


tray chic

14 March 2009

caftan happy!

i bought it this morning! and the lovely people at Under the Palm Tree already shipped it out UPS! i received two e-mails from them, both very personal, wishing me a wonderful weekend...and another, hoping i enjoy wearing the colebrook caftan. so cute, a very nice touch!

thanks for all of your wonderful encouragement ladies! have a super saturday!


tray chic

13 March 2009


...so the colebrook caftan sold out on lillypulitzer.com right after it was featured on martha! oh the humanity! technically it didn't sell out but there were only smalls left the last time i checked and that won't do!

i know it's available on bloomies website and it's taking every bit of restraint i have not to shell out the $268 bucks for it! it's just such a fabulous print and i love it! the sequin detailing is divine! i saw it in person at the lilly store in san diego on wednesday (they didn't have my size either!) and it was beautiful! although i didn't pick up the caftan, i came away very happy!

i added wink to my fragrance collection! i already have sunny, but when i got it, i also sprayed wink on me. for the rest of the day, i found wink stealing my attention. i had to have it. it's so good! very feminine and floral but there's something else there that really makes it pop!

i also got the playing card duo which i picked up on a total whim. so cute, it comes with a little pad of paper that says "score pad" so clever! i love playing cards and got the juicy playing cards for christmas, but they didn't come with a handy little pad of paper!

and lastly...i'm a big fan of monopoly and i've been wanting the lilly edition for quite some time, so i splurged on a $50 dollar board game for myself! hahaah!

and while we're on a completely lilly based post...i have to say, the martha show was sooooooo fabulous on wednesday! how many of you enjoyed hearing HOPSY as much as i did? she was such a sweetheart and so polite! we're all blessed to know such a great young lady, even through the ol' interweb!

so, what do you think...colebrook caftan, must have or not?

anxious to hear your thoughts!


tray chic

10 March 2009

i want it...i need it...have to have it!

i have absolutely no idea when i would wear this full length colebrook caftan from lilly, but i really really want it! the ring my bell pattern is my new fave!


tray chic

09 March 2009

queen bee!

so...Queen Bee Swain is hosting giveaway! She is giving away a Junior Leauge cookbook! so cute...go here and enter!

i also saw this on her blog! it's a cute quiz, aside from the fact that it says "samosas" which are completely different than samoas! samoas are my favorite, although now they are called caramel de-lites, lame! i loved selling girl scout cookies!

You Are Caramel deLites / Samoas

You are blessed with a brilliant, dynamic mind. It's sometimes hard to figure out what your focus should be.

You're the type of person who does almost everything well. You are very competent but also unfocused.

You're not an easy person to pin down. You are vibrantly complex.

You have many facets to your personality, and they're often in competition with one another.

side note: i fixed it so it says somoas now! yay! if you're confused...sorry!

love and light...goodnight!

tray chic

crazy days...

so it's been a crazy couple of days. work, work, and more work! today was my day off. with the time change, i woke up an hour later than anticipated and missed church :( that was a bummer!

i did have some work related errands to run this afternoon which led me to the irvine spectrum (outdoor shopping mall) where i unloaded some cash on the following items:

a cute bright yellow ruffle tank top for $20.00 from F21! as well as two v-neck in bright almost day glo orange and purple and some really cute black booties for $30.00!!!!

my favorite jeans from old navy. aside from the fact that they stretch out quickly...they're the best! and right now during the old navy FUNdamentals sale, they're $19!!!! whoa!

saved the best for last! these adorable pj pants have anchors and hearts embroidered on them! my new favorites! i'm wearing them now :)

aside from work and my shopping trip today, not much is going on. i did get caught up on some serious gossip drama! i have no words! ahhhhhh...deep breath!

all for now! god bless!


tray chic

04 March 2009

i'll be there for you...

i love F-R-I-E-N-D-S a lot! it's one of my all time favorites! i don't watch too much tv anymore, maybe it's because 99% of it is reality. i miss sitcoms! there's nothing even close to F-R-I-E-N-D-S!!! and lucky me (and you too if you're a fan) all seasons are on sale for $16.99 right now at Target!!!!

and on that note (or not) it's been rainy here in southern california, not cool! hopefully wherever you are it's not raining. i usually like rain but not right now, i can't explain it. it was kind of like soft rain, very light drops, but a lot of them! i can't believe i'm trying to explain this...haha!

one more thing. i was watching the most recent episode of the city and loved the cover picture of jessica alba in elle magazine. i went out to get elle and it wasn't the same cover...AND that picture wasn't even part of the editorial! it was such a great photo with the look WHITNEY picked out. a beautiful dvf floral jacket. cute cute cute!

this is the cover i wanted! i love love love this look! she's so whimsical looking with a little bit of 60's flare to it, so fresh, so spring!

this is what i got. it's alright, i just love the other one.

all for now darlings! hope you are having a fabulous day, wherever you are!


tray chic

pink and green with envy...

i'm so incredibly envious of all you ladies getting together at lilly pulitzer next tuesday with Hopsy in NYC! i know you will have a fabulous time and i so wish i could be in attendance. sadly, i don't think that a spur of the moment trip to new york is in my little budget! safe travels to all of you and i'll be there in spirit!

i have a picture of my amazing tj maxx j.crew heels! originally these babies were $235.00 and i got quite a steal, only paying $19.99 for them!!!! yes! this is the same color too, it's not quite this yellow though, i feel like they look a little more green based in person.

speaking of shoes, i've been buying a lot of them lately. i got the new pink patent boat shoes from sperry AND a pair of gold jack rogers to add to my collection.

i just love shoes!

i suppose that's really all the news i have for y'all. i'd talk about the bachelor but i don't want to be mean! melissa totally deserves better! less than 2 weeks until we get a new gossip girl! can't wait!

have a lovely day darlings! and oh...hello! welcome to my amazing new followers!


tray chic

01 March 2009

the happiest place on earth

that's right folks! i'm posting from my blaclberry at disneyland!

so excited to ride midway mania at california adventure. trying to beat my high score from last weekend! wish me luck!!!!

until next time...

M-I-C see ya real soon K-E-Y why because we like you! M-O-U-S-E!


tray chic

i lost one...

so, i haven't blogged in a few days and it seems i've lost a follower! so sad, ah well let's move on :)

i don't have too much to say. had a wonderful rest of the month at work. should see a good paycheck next week. i really don't have any complaining to do. just thankful! i am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends. i'm blessed to have a job and be able to pay my bills. i thank the Lord for all of this and more! i hope everyone has a wonderful sunday! i'm going to share some lyrics of a wonderful song called "completely" by ana laura.

The secret of life is letting go
The secret of love is letting it show
In all that I do
In all that I say
Right here in this moment

The power of prayer is in a humble cry
The power of change is in giving my life
And laying it down
Down at your feet
Right here in this moment

Take my heart
Take my soul
I surrender everything to your control
And let all that is within me lift up to you and say
I am yours and yours alone

This journey of life is a search for truth
This journey of faith is following you
Every step of the way
Through the joy and the pain
Right here in this moment

Right here, right now, and for the rest of my life
Hear me say

I am yours and yours alone

god bless y'all!


tray chic